Friday, 29 March 2013

Windows 8 Metro App

This application has all information of country India, like Indian culture, dance, freedom fighters, Symbols, tourist places and festivals. Now enjoy answering quiz questions, Test your knowledge about India. Questions are dynamically loading from from server with image question and 4 options.

All Indian Freedom fighter

"Free India" was dream of every Indian when India was being ruled by British. So many men and women fought for freedom during 1940's, struggled a lot for freedom. As a result, India got its freedom from British on August 15, 1947. Here is a small token of admiration for their sacrifice. This application provides information of top 10 freedom fighters.

It is a simple app,Where users can store precious memories of their life with date, place, photos and description. Users can see their stored memories in any windows 8 machine by logging in with their credentials. 

Privacy Policy

User's privacy is very important to me. The personal data of user will not be shared with third party. The images are taken from the various sources of internet All data in these app is stored and retrieving from server.

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